Macbeth context

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  • Macbeth context
    • Macbeth was written from 1603-1607
    • Macbeth was performed in 1611
    • the gun powder plot
      • an attempt to kill king james
      • the play becomes a warning as to what could happen if the rightful king is killed - Duncan is killed and chaos ensued
      • Consider the divine right of kings
      • king chosen by god so to interfere in the divine right of kingship is to challenge god
      • henry garnet
        • equivocation taught to those involved in the plot.
        • catholics could lie without breaking a commandment
        • didn't give away guilt as they didn't give straight answers
    • context
      • written during the Jacobean period
      • king james I = son of Mary queen of Scott's - Macbeth is set in Scotland seeking kings favour
      • james I was also james VI of Scotland
      • king james = obssesed with the supernatural
      • james wrote a book called 'demonology'
      • consider- did Shakespeare include the witches simply to please the king, could the play of worked out without them?
      • king james = can trace his ancestry back to Banquo - in the Holinshed's chronicles
      • Macbeth is a pre-gothic text


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