Macbeth characters

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  • Macbeth, characters.
    • Macbeth
      • Thane of Cawdor, king of Scotland.
        • Plots to kill king Duncan with lady Macbeth.
          • After Duncan is killed he becomes king of Scotland listening to the three witches prophesies.
            • From prophesies he orders murderers to kill banquo and his son, banquos son escapes.
              • He then orders murderers to kill lady Macduff and her child/children.
    • Lady Macbeth
      • Macbeths wife
        • Kills king Duncan so Macbeth can be king
          • Goes insane- sees blood on her hands which isn't there , feels guilt etc.
            • Kills herself off stage.
    • Macduff
      • Born of Cesarian section,kills Macbeth.
        • Thane of fife.
          • Brings army to castle hiding behind pieces of  birnam woods
    • King Duncan
      • King of Scotland, father of Malcom and Donalbain.
    • Banquo
      • Macbeths friend and ally.  Father to fleance. Thane of lochaber.
    • The three witches
      • Prophetic,  Macbeth believes prophesies.
        • Tells Macbeth he will be king and tells banquo his sons shall rein after.
          • tell Macbeth to look out for when birnam wood comes towards him and look out for Macduff.
            • Says none of woman born can harm Macbeth leading Macbeth to believe he is invincible basically.
    • Malcom
      • Son of Duncan, brother of donalbain
        • Flees macbeths castle after fathers murder with his brother donalbain.
    • Donalbain
      • Son of Duncan, brother of Malcom
        • Flees macbeths castle after fathers murder with his brother Malcom.
    • Lennox
      • One of Duncan's nobles, suspicious of Macbeth being king.
    • Rosse
      • Macduffs cousin, loyal Scottish nobleman. Greets Macbeth after witches and battle against Norway.
        • Comforts lady Macduff when Macduff leaves for war with Macbeth shortly before she is murdered.
          • Tells Macduff his family has been murdered.
    • Fleance
      • Banquos son.
    • Lady Macduff
      • Macduffs wife
        • Mother to unnamed children
          • Killed by macbeths murderers along with her son.
    • Hecat
      • Queen of witches
    • The murderers.
      • Hired to kill banquo and his son, fleance escapes.
        • Untitled
    • Drunken porters (guards)
      • Framed for death of king Duncan


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