Macbeth-Appearance vs Reality

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  • Macbeth-Appearance vs Reality
    • 'Fair is foul and foul is fair'
      • Reality is ambiguous for the witches because they feel safe even if they are not
      • The witches are saying that it is difficult to say whether something is bad or good
      • Links to Lady Macbeth who appears fair and beautiful as a woman but is actually foul and bloodthirsty underneath it
      • Represents London at the time-it opened up massive opportunities but at the same time there are events like the gunpowder plot or natural disasters like the plague.
    • 'When the battle's lost and won'
      • Macbeth is successful in defeating Scotland against the Norwegians but in the act of becoming the winner of the battle he becomes too powerful in his mind that he feels he is entitled to rule but Scotland suffers
    • 'there's no art to find the mind's construction in the face'
      • criticising the Thane of Cawdor the traitor but missing Macbeth's face who is also a traitor and offering him reward
      • Perhaps Shakespeare could be wondering how his rewards might suddenly be taken way by James' suspicion of him being involved with Catholic families during the plot
    • 'Face must hide what the false heart doth know'
      • Echoing sentiments that James must feel that there may be further terrorists out to plot his downfall
      • metaphor for the country to accept him even though the country sees him as a foreign ruler
        • Shakespeare saying that even if people don't agree with King James they have to hide that
        • Shakespeare psychological message-to keep his own feelings to himself
    • 'This castle hath a pleasant seat'
      • Ironic because it will be very unpleasant for King Duncan as he will be murdered there
      • Shakespeare warning audience that what might be pleasant now could turn into a tragedy
    • 'Life's but a walking shadow'
      • Highlighting that our own life is just a shadow-we think they are real but actually they are not.Life is an illusion-it can be taken from us at any time and don't have a meaning-
      • Suggesting to the audience that God is writing a script for them that they are not in control of and it can end terribly.Stating that his success can be taken from him just like his life can.
    • 'Angels are bright still,though the brightest fell'
      • Satan was the brightestv angel and it was God's favourite but he didn't  see that Satan would fall and become evil-message:if even God can't see ultimately whether someone is the 'innocent flower' or 'serpent' then what hope is there for mankind


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