Macbeth Character Mindmap

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  • Macbeth
    • Ambitious but easily led astray
      • He's easily influenced by other meaning he can be weak
      • He wants to become king and doesn't care who he hurts in the process
    • Brave Hero
      • He is a strong warrior who fights bravely in battle
      • Macbeth is described as a 'valiant' warrior
      • Macbeth's brave actions impress the king so much he names him Thane of Cawdor
      • Macbeth seems most comfortable on the battlefield. He doesn't worry about his guilty conscience and the morality of his actions
      • Macbeth dies in battle
    • Brutal Murderer
      • Macbeth murders Duncan because he wants to be king
      • Lady Macbeth persuades him to kill Duncan
      • He has Macduff's family and Banquo killed because he is worried about losing his position
      • Macbeth's violent ambition has ruined all his noble characteristics
    • Struggles with his conscience
      • He spends a lot of his time feeling guilty
      • He has a strong sense of right and wrong and worries about the consequence of his actions
      • Once he's killed Duncan, Macbeth swings between killing everyone who threatens his position and moments of despair when he struggles with terrible guilt
      • He's to kill Duncan because Macbeth recognises that Duncan trusts him and as his host he has a duty to protect him
      • By the end he no longer feels guilty because he thinks that a person's actions don't matter and that life means nothing
    • Easily influenced
      • Lady Macbeth greatly influenced Macbeth, he wouldn't have killed Duncan if it wasn't for her
      • Lady Macbeth's influence over Macbeth declines after Duncan's murder as the other murders seem to come more easily so he acts alone


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