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  • Macbeth
    • Theme of Guilt
      • "Dagger of the mind"
        • Guilty conscience, what he's doing is wrong.
      • "macbeth does muder sleep"'
      • "i am in blood/ stepped in so far"
      • "Out dammned spot"
        • Lady Macbeth sleep walking, washing her hands
    • Theme of gender
      • "Take my milk for gall"
        • She's neglecting her maternal powers, as she believes its her downfall
      • "When you dust do it then you'll be a man"
        • Men are powerful, women are weak
      • "Look like th'inoccent flower but be the serpent under't
      • "come to my women breast"
      • "Unsex me here"
        • LM thinks her femininity holds her back
    • Theme of reality and appearances
      • "Look like th'innocent flower but be the serpent under't"
        • Serpent relates to the devil, re-enforcing supernatural.
      • "Fair is foul, and foul is fair"
        • Not everything is as it seems, good is evil.
      • "nothing is but what it is not"
        • Paradoxes create uncertainty
      • "False face must hide what the false heart doth know"
    • Theme of fate
      • "Fate and metaphysical aid doth seem"
        • LM thinks macbeth is fated to be kind
      • "Chance may crown me without stir"
      • "Poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage"
        • Macbeth thinks by the end, he is nothing more than an actor on a stage, that can't control his life
    • Theme of ambition
      • "Macbeth is not without ambition, but without"
        • LM thinks macbeth isn't ruthless enough to get what he want
      • Its macbeths fatal flaw
      • "I have no spur but only vaulting ambition "
        • Macbeth knows he's ambitious and this fuels what he does.
    • Theme of loyalty and betrayal
      • "service and loyalty"
        • This is what the king describes macbeth as, little does he know he's going to be murdered by him
      • "your servants as ever"
        • LM pretends to have a loyalty to the king, even though she's plotting his murder
        • Shakespeare juxtaposes LM's plots to kill duncan by welcoming him into the castle this makes her murdererous intentions for dramatic
      • "his kinsman and his subject"
        • Macbeth is initially loyal to the king- this makes it more shocking when he puts his own desires before his loyalty


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