Lyme Regis Hard engineering

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  • Lyme Regis Hard engineering
    • Strategies
      • construction of Cobb sea wall
      • 36000 tonnes of rock armour to absorb wave energy and slow erosion rate
      • 71000 tonnes of beach shingle to replenish beach
      • 41000 tonnes of beach sand to nourish coast
      • Drainage system put in place to prevent slope saturation
    • Disadvantage
      • expensive to build and maintain
      • many structures such as groynes prevent deposition of material further down coast resulting in coastal retreat
      • can obstruct the natural landscape
    • Cost benefit analysis
      • 4000 residents to protect
      • £33 construction costs
      • rely heavily on tourism
    • advantages
      • help prevent coastal erosion and maintains residents homes and livelihoods
      • improves access to the beach
      • more sand and shingle on the beach


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