Luxury Markets

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  • Luxury Markets
    • 62% said they would buy their luxury goods online (2011)
    • 40% believe the internet provides trust
    • The Chinese are the largest group of consumers for the luxury market
    • 71% of Chinese engage in overseas travel to buy their luxury goods (83million trips in 2010)
    • Due to high net worth consumer they are now more picky about quality
    • By 2015, a third of luxury goods will be bought by Chinese
    • Brands mainly showcase through exhibitions
    • Luxury prices are 80% more expensive than Europe and North America (nature of the market)
    • Imports of Swiss watches fell 24% year on year (2013)
    • Websites rarely offer Yuan prices
    • Consumers don't like brands known by the majority
    • Made in Germany and Japan are marks of quality
    • Want items reflective of their own culture today - demand has weakened


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