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  • Lungs
    • Asthma
      • Caused by inhaling dust mite faeces and pollen
      • Affects Bronchioles
      • Causes tight chest, coughing, breathing restrictions
      • Creates resistance in alveoli
      • Lack of ventilation
    • Fibrosis
      • Scars from epithelium becoming thickened
      • Alveoli linings thicken
      • Breathing problems, fatigue, discomfort in chest, dry chronic cough
      • Longer gas exchange process
      • Lungs loose elasticity
    • Emphysema
      • Smocking and mining
      • Looses elasticity, shortness of breath, chronic cough, bluish colouration in skin
      • Alveoli surface area is reduced, may burst
    • Pulmonary TB
      • Caused by mycobacterium
        • Spread by talking, laughing, coughing through the air
      • Persistent cough, tiredness, loss of appetite
      • fever and coughing up blood
      • Mycobacterium is inhaled
        • Multiply in lungs which is then surrounded by white blood cells causing inflammation and swelling of lymph nodes
          • Destroy most of the bacterium
            • Any remaining cause reinfection years later
              • Destroy lung tissue
                • Cough up damaged lung and blood
                  • Scar tissue is formed
      • Can spread and cause death


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