Lung Tissues

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  • Lung Tissues
    • Cartilage
      • Is hard but soft and movable. It is found in the bronchii and the trachea
      • Function - it is used for structure, e.g. in the trachea it holds the windpipe open
    • Smooth Muscle
      • This is a thin bit of muscle that's smooth
      • Function - it is used to help regulate air flow in the lungs
    • Elastic Fibres
      • These are fibres that are elastic and stretchy. Found in the lungs
      • Function - these stretch when the muscles contract to breathe in, and then recoil to help expel the air
    • Goblet Cells
      • These secrete mucus - found in the trachea
      • Function - it helps trap dirt and microorganisms that are breathed in
    • Ciliated Epithelium
      • These are epithelial cells with cilia stuck to them that waft in a synchronised pattern
      • Function - after the mucus traps the microorganisms, the ciliated cells waft the mucus towards the oesophagus where it is swallowed


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