Loyalty in HOD and LL

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  • Loyalty in 'Heart of Darkness' and  'The Lonely Londoners'
    • Heart of Darkness
      • Marlow's profound loyalty to Kurtz
        • the Harlequin also possesses an overpowering loyalty to the integrity of what Kurtz has discovered in his descent into brutality
        • Marlow's lying to Kurtz's Intended as a means through which to preserve Kurtz's image/an expression of his loyalty to Kurtz
          • his untruth kills the meaning of Kurtz's death
        • '...I did not envy him his devotion to Kurtz, though'
          • unconscious loyalty
      • loyalty/allegiance to imperialism/imperialist project /system of brutality
        • Kurtz lacks promise and devotion - 'a wantal smash - up'
      • 'It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice'
    • The Lonely Londers
      • Tanty's loyalty to her West Indian roots/culture
        • suggests Selvon's established allegiance to culture despite wanting to escape/evade parochialism
          • creolised voice/narrative structurally preserves his West Indian heritage
            • loyalty to authentic languages
              • carnival and calypsonic structure
        • ethnic loyalty entrenched in  adherence to customs
          • a means through which to survive
        • loyalty is invariable despite the striving to maintain illusion
          • Tanty's refusal to assimilate
            • she challenges systematic forms of exclusion and oppression
              • excluded from fraternal solidarity and is thus the most effective agent of change
            • 'Tanty in the lead'
        • Caribbean, a 'paradise', offers a far more cosmopolitan sense of diaspora where unity is forged and social solidarity prevails in comparison to London
      • loyalty to London
        • Harris' loyalty to culture is replace by a profound loyalty to 'English customs and things'
      • loyalty stems from the desire to sustain existence in a tense cultural climate
      • Selvon draws a delicate balance between loyalties to cultural traditions and British state


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