Loves Alchemy

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  • Loves Alchemy
    • Structure
      • Rhyme: AABBACDDCCEE not out of control but not an extremely tight structure  - natural conversational pattern
      • 10 beats per line (iambic pentameter) mixes with trimeter in line 6. Mirrors natural speech patterns and also emphasises central point
    • Techniques
      • Alliteration with monosyllables 'short scorn' 'deeper digged 'pregnant pot' all add a harsher and abrupt tone to phonetics reiterating central theme
      • Contrasting language choices (antitheses); elixir, delight, rich, angelic all give pure imagery versus odoriferous (tongue twister= unpleasant to say reflecting meaning
      • Pleasantries tainted (paradoxes/ oxymorons- loving wretch) 'winter seeming summers night' (even purest thing - nature- created by God is self-destructive like love.
      • Repetition of 'our' inclusive technique that also involves reader or listener. Persuasive, involving them in his opinion
      • Colloquial language 'my man' is more accessible to listener or reader; sarcastic reflecting metaphysical cynical tone
    • Imagery
      • 'bubbles shadow' very insignificant - untouchable, almost impossible
      • Egyptian; 'mummy possessed' = misogyny. internally rotting and bitter- disgusting
      • pregnant pot = fertility 'glorify' is more fuss than it's worth.
    • A04
      • 'hear the spheres' beautiful music made by the heavens- 'imposture'
      • 'Love's mine' Discovery of far east = mineral discovery. EXCITING and CURRENT.
      • 'centric happiness' plays on neoplatonism and love of the soul- 'imposture'
      • Neoplatonism'tis not the bodies marry but the minds'
      • Alchemy science at the time - love is impossible and fake
      • Dismisses all modern ideas claiming they're ridiculous and false in relation to love


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