Love's Philosophy

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  • Love's Philosophy
    • Language
      • Present Tense
        • His love for is continuous and on going - it will never stop
        • 'fountains mingle, 'winds...mix', 'waves clasp'
      • Water imagery
        • 'rivers', fountains', 'waves'
        • Water is also revitalising so it's as though he needs her and can't survive      without her
        • Water takes up any form, just like his   love for her
      • Sibilance increases
        • Initially just 'fountains, 'sweet' and 'single' but then it's 'kiss', 'clasp', 'waves', 'sunlight', 'sister', etc.
          • Harsher sounds
        • His confidence increases and he gets more desperate to be with her
      • Polysndeton develops in the second paragragh
        • Desperation increases
      • Simple language
        • He doesn't want to confuse her - just wants to portray everything to her clearly
    • Form
      • Extended Sonnet
        • Conveys the desperation and longing for his lover
      • Lyric Poem
        • Expresses the deep love and longing
    • Structure
      • Trochaic Metre
        • The words have one stressed syllable and one unstressed syllable (its as though only one syllable is   present
        • This could convey their relationship and how Shelly is present in it but his love is not
      • 2 paragraphs
        • Like a pair or a couple
        • Shows the separation and how instead of the lovers being together, they are split
      • Irregular Rhyme Scheme
        • ABAB etc.
        • The fact that there is a line in between each rhyming couplet could reflect how there is something stopping them from being together and there is something
    • Themes
      • Unrequited Love
      • Nature
      • Desperation
      • Passion
      • Romance
      • Persuasion


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