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  • Lovell and Stafford (1486)
    • Lord Lovell + Stafford bros were previous supporters of R.III (Yorkists)
    • Led by Lord Lovell and the Stafford bros. They had been claiming sanctuary + broke out when H.VII visited York
    • They planned to detain H.VII + raise a rebellion in the WEST. H.VII heard of their plans + offered them choices moving forward
    • H.VII sent an armed force to offer them pardon, or death (if they fought and lost). This effectively deterred the rebels as Lovell fled to Flanders, but the Stafford bros sought sanctuary again
    • The end result this time around was that the Stafford bros were arrested. One was pardoned and remained loyal whilst the other was executed.
    • The execution of one of the Stafford bros was a clear warning to any others who were planning similar feats. Still, this rebellion worried H.VII that more were on their way


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