'Loved abroad & reviled at home'. To what extent is this an accurate assessment of Thatcher?

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  • loved abroad & reviled at home
    • inaccurate
      • Britain seen as American poodle in unequal relationship
        • US invasion of Grenada did not go down well
          • R didn't ask permission
      • Argentinians didn't like T as she didn't look at diplomacy, simply declared a naval task would remove Argentinian forces
        • Catholics in Spain, Italy etc. came out against T
      • Soviets dubbed Thatcher the 'Iron Lady' for her ferocious foreign policy
        • (this nickname given by journalist)
      • EEC
        • Bruges Speech 1988 & famous 'No, No, No' speech showed her defiance of supranationality in EEC
        • 1980 insisted B get bigger rebate or she would withhold the VAT
        • Relationship with Delors was not friendly
          • 'Up Yours Delors!'
        • bad relationship with Kohl despite sharing ideology
          • she wasn't invited to the 10th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall
      • 1980 Housing Act very popular
        • popular with share-owning middle class
      • Falklands Factor increased national patriotism
    • accurate
      • T & R had special relationship
        • T seen as mirroring US political system of operating EXOP & turning Downing Street into White House
        • both Cold War Warriors
      • Falklands Islands
        • people of Falklands wanted to be British so loved T
        • winning against Argentina made sure T was loved by Falklanders & internationally
      • improving relationship with Gorbachev
        • 'man with whom we can do business'
      • passionately fought an won battles against excessive power of Brussels
        • played key role in joining UK to ERM & Single European Act
      • Channel Tunnel result of improving relationship with Mitterand
      • Poll Tax sparked riots in London 1990
        • clashes between protestors & policed showed they were politicised
      • her tackling of Miner's Strike made her unpopular as she brought down biggest TU - the NUM


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