Love That Doth Reign And Live Within My Thought

Simple Mindmap of the poem 'Love That Doth Reign And Live Within My Thought' by Henry Howrd, Earl of Surrey

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  • Love That Doth Reign And Live Within My Thought - Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
    • Lexical Set of Love: Love, Heart, Sweet, Breast, Desire, Hope, Grace
    • Lexical Set of War: Reign, Captive, Fought, Arms, Banner, Pain, Ire, Death
    • The extended metaphor used throughout the poem is the presonification of love as a knight or warroir.
    • This poem is a translation of Petrarch's original poem and was also translated by Sir Thomas Wyatt.
    • The conceit is that Love is War
    • The octave sets up conflict and the sestet implies futility with the volta in the concluding line.
    • Lots of Archaic Language: Doth, Clad, Oft, Eke, Shamefast, Coverteth, Taketh, Thus
    • The abstract nouns 'Pain' and 'Love' show the juxaposition.
    • Writen in both first and third person.
      • First Person: "...Live within my thoughtsd" - (Line 1)
      • Thrid Person: "...Where he doth lurk and 'plain" - (Line 10)
    • Alliteration of plosive sounds 't,b,c,p'.
      • 'that taught me'


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