Love, Sex, Desire

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  • Love, Sex, Desire
    • The streetcar is symbolic of Blanch. Desire is the oposite of death, the other streetcar is named Cemetary
    • Stanley likes sex
      • Rapes Blanche?
      • Even after he hit Stella, they had sex
    • Instead of looking after Belle Reve, workers bought sex.
      • 'Epic fornications'
    • Mitch loves his mum, she wants him to marry before she dies
      • Death, opposite of desire
    • Streetcars
      • Cemetary= Mitch
      • Desire= Stanley
    • Blanche is protective of her love letters
    • Blanche likes younger boys
      • Her husband
      • The pupil
    • Mitch desires Blanche
      • 'You may teach school, but you're certainly no an old maid'
    • Blanche had sex with a pupill
    • Stanley & Stella
    • Stanley tries to control his desire for Blanche
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