Love, marriage and family

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  • Love, Marriage and Family
    • Initial impression of the family
      • Joe is head and cares about happiness of his family. Chris wishes to soothe all parts of the family - he works hard for Joe despite not wanting the same things and wishes Larry would let Larry go.
        • "That's only for you" "We've got to say it to her"
      • At beginning N and T appear happy, N talks joyfully about their love and T uses loving pet names. Their marriage contrasts Mrs L and Krogs whose weren't happy and Dr Rank who was never married
        • "happily humming" "my little sky-lark"
    • The role of society in relationships
      • Jim is unhappy in his marriage because of money, whereas Chris and Ann aren't concerned about this and don't follow the rules of society so are happy.
        • "never count your husband's money" "it wouldn't matter to me"
      • Although N's and T's marriage is based on love it is still governed by rules of society that dictate the roles of husband and wife B is expected to obey T and T shows off his dutiful wife
        • "I would never dream of doing anything you didn't want me to" "[removing Nora's shawl]"
    • Detrimental effects of love due to society
      • Miller presents a paradox of family obligation: the mor one attempts to care for fam the more one makes decisions that end up hurting one's family.
        • "I did it for you"//"you were killing my boys"
      • Dilemma: Nora broke rules of marriage but for love yet it is this act of love that socity condemns placing marriage above love.
        • "The law takes no account of motives"
    • Consequences of lying on family relationships
      • By ruining his relationships Joe realises by lying he has ignored his social responsibility - leads to the realisation a community is responsible for each other even though this isn't practised in society
        • "they were all my sons" "Half the goddam country is gotta if I go"
      • When T doesn't protect N she comes to the conclusion he doesn't love her and marriage as conceived and practised in society makes love impossible
        • "You only thought how nice it would be to be in love with me"
    • Relationships that don't conform to society
      • Ann and Chris's relationship doesn't conform to the expectations of society because they're equal and honest and therefore their relationship will succeed.
        • "Live" untainted by tragedy of Kellers
      • Mrs L and Krogs marriage doesn't conform to norms of society. She yearns to care for someone and he doesn't see her as an ornament to save his rep.
        • "so incredibly happy"//"somebody to work for..."
    • Last paragraph
      • Alternative ending - Ibsen presents society with the unrealistic ideals they have been living by
      • American dream is criticised as its achievement means the breakdown of fam relationships


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