Love/Love as folly in 'As you Like it'

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  • Love / Love as Folly
    • Courtly Romance
      • Spoofs the convention that love is a disease that brings suffering/ the male lover is slave to his mistress
        • Silvius & Phoebe
    • Orlando
      • In love with being in love
      • Passionate
    • Ganymede
      • Same sex Desire
        • Phoebe
      • Why stay in disguise with Orlando?
    • Petrarchan love/ Use of Sonnets
      • Orlando is a big believer of this form of love
    • Rosalind
      • Treats love as a game
        • Has Orlando woo her (as Ganymede)
    • Touchstone
      • More lustful than loving
      • Mocks Orlando for his passion


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