Twelfth Night

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  • 'Love is the driving force of the comedy Twelfth Night' How far do you agree with this assesment of the play?
    • Ultimately, love is the driving force of the comedy simply due to the love triangles created with Orsino, Viola and Olivia.
      • This would be viewed as comical because Viola is disguised as a man, who falls in love with Orsino who is infatuated with Olivia who eventually falls in love with Viola disguised as Cesario.
        • Furthermore, in shakespearean time only men were allowed to act, hence Viola wouldve been played by a man. A man playing a women disguised as a man. This creates dramatic irony, hence comedy and an audience would find this funny.
        • Love creates confusion for the audience due to the disguise and the audience being aware of it whilst the characters aren't - breaking the 4th wall.
    • There are many forms of love such as sibling love, infatuation, possession etc. Therefore you could explore the relationships between the master and servants eg. Olivia and Maria.
    • "Like his early comedies, Twelfth Night is essentially a celebration of romantic love and can be seen as a traditional romantic comedy."
      • Elizabethan romantic comedy, including the devices of mistaken identity, separated twins, and gender-crossing disguise, and its plot revolves around overcoming obstacles to "true" love.


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