Love in a Life

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  • Love in a Life
    • Life in a Love
      • Escape me? Never-
        • Control? Can they ever escape each other
      • 'I shape me - Ever'
        • at the end beginning is mirrored
      • Removed!
        • Taken away, idea of distance again , relationship work with him chasing her, distance is sexual? Exciting, same pursuit. Ending mirrors the beginning, chiasmic phrases, corssing over of phrases, 'Never Beloved! beginnning, Ever REmoved! end'
          • theme of impossible quest
      • Both childish, playful, joyful- both spoken by male
      • 'While I am I, and you are you'
        • more seperation than other poems, but does he want it to stay like this, m'Me the loving ang you the loth', traditional ideas, medeval times act of hunting the heart, women were supposed to run away
          • he could be judging her but alos playing on what it means to be a man/woman at the time
      • 'My life is a fault at last', more abstract, chasing whole of life rather than just one day in other poem, that concept is more clear
      • 'At me so deep in the dust and dark', emotional blackmail, links to the woman bringing light to the man, PL
      • LINKS, PicIgnotus- has to compromise cannot be a famous painter, TwoCamp - can't be 1 person, WLW- cant be peaceful, sort things out, LAR- city always under cut BATHOS
    • Character
      • They're playing hide and seek, the speaker is excited, childish like Soliq. of Spanish C.
        • Compared to other poems he is more relaxed
        • worrying undertones, constantly deferred happiness chasing, he wants ot be with her too much? links to Two in Camp.
      • 'Spend the whole day in the quest'
        • knight, destiny, links to Prospice, heroic
    • Layout
      • 2 different stanzas, 2 didfferent points in the day? Distance between them?
      • Reepetition of !, 'perfume!', 'importune!;
      • A lot shorter doesn't feel like dram. mon. as so much mention of 'we'
      • They can never be together, 'Net time, herself!-' so many caesuras break up line and them
      • ist of three at the end, '-such suits/such clostests'such alcoves'
    • Rhythm
      • Rhyming couplets ridiculously far apart distant like them, hard to follow, reader tries to find a pattern
      • Urgent sounding, regular rhythm, broken by different line lengths
    • Imagery
      • darkenss/fear (although quite upbeat), surreal, nostalgic, pursuit
        • 'Yet the day wears,' No mention of anything other than the house, surreal, own little World, links to Two Campag., labyrinth, claustrophobic, domestic, links to WLWord, very inward looking. Links to lovers in LARuins.
      • Having beloved completely has links to WLD and TwoinCamp, 'We inhabit together', he wants to inhabit her
    • Context
      • REversing, chriasmic title, crossing over of phrases
    • 'We inhabit together,'
      • Potentially they're close at this point, they share the house? Not worrief he won't find her, knows he will
    • -,heart, thou shalt find her', encouagring himself
    • 'But 'tis twilight, you see, -with such suites to explore,'
      • He has lots of places to look but the 'but' suggests a fear. Sweat, 'such closest to search, such alcoves to importune, groping round.
    • 'Yet the days wears', is it a symbol for his life not just the time of day?


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