Love and Danger in Wife of Bath and Tis Pity She's a Whore

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  • Love and Danger in 'Tis Pity She's a Whore
    • Love leads to greed (5 husbands).
    • In the Friar's eyes, the wife is damned to hell due to her promiscuous behaviour.
      • The Friar attempts to scare Annabella into praying for salvation and forgiveness.
    • The wife is beaten by her fourth husband.
    • Love leads to revenge- the wife retaliates and hits her husband.
      • Hippolita
        • Poisoning
    • Love can lead to danger in lust- the Knight rapes the princess.
    • Women, especially in Ford's society, put their social reputation and status at risk in their relationships with men.
      • Philotis' only other option after Bergetto's death is to go to a nunnery.
    • The queen takes revenge for the Knight's actions.
    • Both Giovanni and the wife attempt to justify their 'forbidden pleasures' through manipulation of the religious texts.
      • The wife says that Jesus only attended one wedding. She also uses King Solomon as an example of a figure in the Bible who lived a polygamous life.
    • In Ford's society, a woman's reputation in the eyes of men was detrimental to their futures, as they relied heavily on men for their welfare.
    • Putana puts her life in danger by encouraging Annabella's immoral relationship with her brother.
    • One can get too attached in a romantic relationship and end up heartbroken: Philotis and Bergetto.
  • "To embrace love is to embrace danger". In light of this comment, discuss the writer's treatment of love. In your answer, compare one drama text and one poetry text.
  • Green = wife of Bath
  • Blue = Tis Pity She\s a Whore


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