Frankenstein - Love and Alienation

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  • Love and Alienation
    • The Monster
      • Love
        • His idea of love is innocent and pure as his mid has yet to develop
          • "lovely creatures... God like science" the monster's innocent fascination with the Delacey's relates closely  to that of VF's fascination with human anatomy and the creation of life.
          • "Even to my unpractised senses" Despite his ignorance he still understands the true nature of love.
            • Who is the real monster? Because he is so innocent and childlike he has the purest form of love
      • Alienation
        • The lack of the love the monster receives leads to his alienation and eventual corruption
          • "My feelings were those of rage and revenge" The first time the monster has felt negative emotions, and it is due to hostility of the villages in response to his love.
            • First stages of corruption, the lack of love makes him less innocent
          • "I am malicious because I am miserable" Reinforcing that he is angry, and has a thirst for revenge due to his alienation and lack of love
            • This gradual decline of innocence evokes sympathy from the reader.
    • Victor
      • Love
        • It seems the real love in VF's life is for science, this differs from the monster's pure love, as it turns to obsession.
          • "I read with ardour these works... ardent and eager" He speaks with passion about his studies, this is absent when he speaks of Elizabeth or other human beings
          • At times he appears to struggle with differentiating between platonic and sexual feelings
          • "nothing could equal my delight on seeing Clerval" suggesting that he values Clerval's love over Elizabeth's - more than just a friend?
      • Alienation
        • Victor alienates himself due to his obsession with creating the monster and later due to the secrecy of the monster
          • "Engaged heart and soul in one pursuit... I could not tear my thoughts from my employment" He knows that he has abandoned all other aspects of his life, including his family and friends.


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