Jane Eyre - Theme of Love, Family & Independence

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  • Love, Family and Independence
    • Setting
      • Lowood - the school in which Brocklehurst  represses girls with religion, meets Maria Temple & Helen Burn
      • Gateshead - orphan, treat badly by the Reed's'
      • Thornfield - governess, first meets Rochester & marriage, Bertha
      • Moor House - meets St John & sisters , marriage proposal denied, teacher, finds fortune
      • Ferndean - Rochester's wife, his carer, calm natural environment
    • Expectation
      • Society's expectation of an orphan/ lower classes
      • Expectation of women
    • Active and Passive
      • Through Helen, active role with God
      • Rochester from servant to equal
      • As an orphan child with the Reeds
    • Balance
      • Service and Master
      • Marriage and Freedom
      • Religious belief
      • Respect for herself and others
    • Religion
      • Oppressed by Old Testament at school
      • Rochester finds religion
      • Teaching of love and forgiveness
      • St John


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