Theme - Love and Marriage

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  • Love and Marriage
    • Different perspectives
    • Mr B wants to climb the social ladder
      • Is delighted over Sheila and Gerald's engagement
        • Gerald is the son of a Lord
      • Married Mrs B for the help, not love
    • Parental love is lacking in Eric's life
      • He claims neither of his parents are ones he can get help from, pages 54, 55
    • Physical attraction is a motive for both Eric and Gerald acting as they did towards Daisy
      • She seems to have loved Gerald
      • She regarded Eric as immature
    • The Inspector shows that we should love the community
    • Shelia and Gerald's relationship undergoes the biggest change
      • Sheila and Gerald start of being romantically in love
        • As Gerald's affair comes to light Sheila questions if the Gerald she loves is the true Gerald
          • She realises that a true marriage only works with honesty


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