Love theme

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  • Love
    • Romeo and Rosaline
      • self-pity
        • "What sadness lengthens Romeo's hours?"
      • courtly love
    • Mercutio
      • Sexual puns
        • "to raise a spirit in his mistress' circle"
        • focuses on the physical side of love
          • entertains Benvolio
          • gets Romeo to react to boost his confidence
    • Cupid
    • Confused
      • Contrast
    • Juliet is excited to sleep with Romeo
      • Relationship is more convincing
        • "I have bought the mansion of a love
    • Romeo vs Paris
      • Different ways of mourning Juliet's death
        • Romeo is aggressive and desperate
          • "I enforce thy rotten jaws to open"
            • Talking about the tomb
        • Paris is solemn and respectful
    • Romeo toasts Juliet as he drinks the poison
      • "Here's to my love"
        • Echoes the words of Juliet when she drinks the potion
          • "Here's drink - I drink to thee"


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