Christianity Pilgrimages - Lourdes

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  • Lourdes
    • Bernadette saw Virgin Mary in the grotto
    • She said Virgin Mary was dressed in White
    • Bernadette  saw Virgin Mary 18 times
    • 1858
    • The place where Virgin Mary was spotted, that is why some people go there to get healed
    • Bernadettes family were poor
    • Mary Said to Bernadette
      • 1) " I desire that people come here"
      • 2) "Go, drink of the spring"
      • 3) "Build a Church"
      • 4) "I am the Immaculate conception"
    • Pilgrims go there to repent and ask for forgiveness of their sins
    • People collect this Holy Water which comes out of the cliff or a cave
    • Virgin Mary was born sinless just like Jesus
    • Immaculate: Perfect
      • Conception: Being Born
    • Bernadette.S became a Nun after she saw Virgin Mary


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