Louis Theroux

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  • Louis Theroux
    • "Louis Theroux: Louis and the Nazis"
      • 21st December 2003
        • Release date
      • British documentary
      • Directed by Stuart Cabb
      • Written by Louis Theroux
      • 80 minutes long
      • Opening 5 minutes
        • Begins with home footage of the main characters, unknown to who they are or what their beliefs are
        • Conversation at the beginning
        • Music begins when narration begins to introduce the title
          • Simple title, orange, black and white colours
        • Introduces the family, who they are, what their beliefs are
        • Introduces friends and family of the main characters
      • Reflexive documentary mode
    • "Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family In America"
      • Opening 5 minutes
        • Begins with narration, explaining who the family and friends in video is
          • Engaging as would shock the audience to what the video is about
        • Variety of videos showing the main characters natural lifestyle
          • Includes voiceover during
        • Reflexive documentary mode
        • Shows Louis travelling through, visiting the family
        • Shows the family and their strong opinions opposed to Louis opinions and beliefs
      • Directed by Geoffrey O'Connor
      • 60 minutes long
      • April 2007
        • Release date


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