Louis MacNeice Context

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  • Louis MacNeice
    • Childhood
      • 1907 - 1963
      • Born in Northern Ireland
      • Father was a Protestant minister
      • Mother was admitted to hospital with depression when he was 6
      • Blamed his mother's cancer on his own difficult birth
      • Left behind his accent and faith when he finished school
        • Never lost his sense of Irishness
      • lonely aand dark
    • Poetry
      • Friend of WH Auden and Stephen Spender
        • Work often mimicked thiers
        • Sharp political awareness
      • Major influence to contemporary irish poets
        • Paul Muldoon
    • Career
      • Sent to boarding school in England
      • Studies Classics at Oxford
      • Lectured at universities
      • Prduced programmes for the BBC
        • About Britain in the war
    • Marriage
      • Married twice
      • Divorced in 1946
        • Wife ran off with someone else
      • Had a son by first marriage and daughter by second


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