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    • S.54(1)(a) LOSS: D has no control over their action..
      • S.54(4)
        • REVENGE not allowed: Time to plan?
      • S.54(2)
        • Doesn't have to be SUDDEN -Dawes           Delay?
    • S.54(1)(b) QT
      • S.55(3)
        • FEAR OF VIOLENCE (for yourself or another) Ward
      • S.55(4)
        • ANGER -Grave character, sense being wronged.        Hatter- breakdown relationship not enough. Dawes-Cumulative allowed.
      • Exclusions:      S.55 6a -Sexual Infidelity not allowed as QT- Clinton   S.55 6b-  D incites violence-not allowed Dawes
    • S.54(1)(c) COMPARISON
      • Person of D's sex and age, normal degree of tolerance in circumstance Asmelash: Intox not allowed.
      • Sexual infidelity considered here (Losing kids, laughed at)


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