Lord of the flies importance of the beast

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  • Lord of the flies importance of the beast
    • LSFE(Language structure form effect)
      • Language
        • Irony
          • Fire created to kill Ralph saves them.
        • Structural metaphor
          • LINK
        • Different opinions what beast is
      • Effect
        • Structural metaphor (society collapses)
          • Moral of story-effect on audience
          • Untitled
        • Purpose GOLDING
    • Attitudes towards the beast
      • Jack
        • Initially says 'if' there is a beast they will hunt and kill it, but they don't believe there is a beast
        • Later becomes obsessed with killing and beast becomes physically real
          • Leadership differences
      • Ralph
        • Immediately dismisses idea of beast as little 'boys nightmare - NOT REASSURING LIKE JACK
        • Through out novel sticks to no beast
          • Untitled
    • Symbolism of the beast
      • Biblical refferences
        • inner evil is the beast-NO PHYSICAL BEAST
          • Simon discovers this leasing to nerveous breakdown and talks to beast
            • Boys kill Simon in frenzy-think he is beast hence group splits off jack leads them to believe there is a beast and they must hunt and kill
              • LINK
        • Figurative LANGUAGE
    • Importance of beast inn structure/pattern of the novel
      • Structural metaphor
        • Hope introduced, obstacle introduced, moral ends pattern.
          • Beast introduced, different leadership introduced, Jack isolates Ralph and attempts to kill him.
    • Language used to describe Jacks behaviour towards the beast
      • LINK
      • Jack becomes obsessed with killing-beast becomes real


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