Lord of the Flies - Themes

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  • Lord of the Flies - Themes
    • Good and Evil
      • There is conflict when Jack wants to hunt but Ralph wants to build shelter
        • 'And we want shelters. Besides, the rest of you hunters came back hours ago. They've been swimming'
          • Ralph clearly wants the best for the boys on the island while jack is only thinking about himself and what he wants, the needs of the boys is only relevant when it is an excuse for hunting
      • Rogers evil intentions are shown early on when he destroys sandcastles
        • 'Roger lead the way, straight through the castles, kicking them over, buring the flowers'
          • Roger is not good at all. he is evil, he is destructive and eventually a killer. He kills one of the most important boys on the island, which shows that he does not care if they leave the island or not.
      • Jack refuses to stay with the conch group
        • 'im going off by myself. he can catch his own pigs'. anyone who wants to hunt when i do can come too'
          • Jack, like Roger, does not see the advantage of staying with the conch group. The other boys know how to survive on the island: by being civilized, Jack is evil because he doesnt seem to want to get off the island
      • Jacks tribe are willing to take what they want. they steal Piggy's glasses to light the fire
        • 'He was a chief now in the truth; and he made stabbing motions with a spear. From his left hand dangled piggy's broken glasses'
          • Jack is willing to take the one thing that could potentially save them from the island, just to make fire for the meat. once again they cannot see past their evil nature to do what is right
    • Crowd Mentality
      • Crowd mentality controls how the boys behave on the island, the majority of the time they are never alone, so they are all influence by the other boys around them
        • The mob chant when they kill the pig
          • 'Kill the beast! Cut her throat! Spill her blood!'
            • all together, the boys want to kill the animal. the feeling and the power a chant has is controlling the boys.
        • Individuality is lost through the tribal chant
          • 'The movement became regular while the chant lost its first superficial excitement and began to beat like a steady pulse'
            • Rather than being individuals with individual thoughts, they all become one, with the same thought. They no longer have a concience to tell them what is right and what is wrong, they do as the others do, not holding back, just going with the way of the mob
    • Order and Disipline
      • Piggy is always undermined by Jack's authority
        • 'Here- Let me go!' his voice rose to a shriek of terror as Jack snatched the glasses of his face'
          • Jack has control over Piggy. Piggy is vulnerable, because of his weight, his asthma and his intelligence. Jack knows he can get what he wants from piggy because of these factors.
      • Jack, was/ is controlling over his choir boys and does the same to the rest of the boys on the island
        • 'You're talking too much... shut up fatty'
          • Jack thinks, because of his power over the choir boys before they came to the island, he has power over these other boys. though, to me, it does not fit in with the situation that these boys are in, they need to survive on the island, ill animals and build hhuts, but what would being head of the choir have to do with any of that, it is the only power jack has, and so he uses it to try and take control over the boys
    • The evil which lies within man
      • Golding believed that each person has the ability to be evil, this comes from his experience with the war. mankind is not whoely good
      • this is shown to us when, near the end of the book when simon is murdered, most all the boys are involved with his death


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