Lord of the flies themes

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  • Lord of the flies themes
    • Fear
      • Golding uses the beast to represent the boys fear, as they become more frightened they act more savagely
      • When they kill Simon "tooth and Claw", Golding has shown how they behave like wild animals.
      • Jack uses others fear to control them
    • Power/ leadership
      • Ralph and Piggy are diplomats whereas Jack is a dictator.
      • The desire for power causes major conflict between the boys. From the first time we see Jack in the novel it is clear that he already has the power as he leads his choir  
      •  Ralph is elected chief, which angers Jack and he is determined to win back leadership through manipulating the fear of the other boys.
    • Good/evil
      • Ralph and Piggy are presented as good and fair, yet even they get caught up with the murder of Simon, who might be seen as a Christ-like figure in his innocence
      • Simon’s conversation with the Lord of the Flies reveals that “evil is part of you”. Ralph has grasped this concept when he admits to Piggy: “ I’m frightened. Of us”.  
    • Civilization/ savagery
      • Civilization comes in the form of “assemblies” and “rules”, the conch (Golding uses the conch as a symbol of civilization), and the shelters.
      •  They slip away from civilization into savagery through their increasing violence, hunting, primitive rituals.     
      • They break Piggy’s glasses which represents the end of  reason/logic
      • The boys throughout the novel remove pieces of clothing until at the end they are naked.
    • Law and order
      •  The boys have come from a life of orderliness, and the conch soon comes to symbolise law and order. “We’ll have rules, and hands up!”  


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