Lord Of The Flies Characters

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  • Lord Of The Flies Characters
    • Ralph
      • He is elected Leader
      • Believes that the only way to get rescued is by having a fire
      • 'Golden Hair, Golden Body'
    • Piggy
      • 'Fat'
      • Very intelligent
      • Not listened too
      • Killed by Roger
    • Simon
      • Shy,Sensitive
      • Killed by the boys when they thinks its the beast
      • Starts going slightly mad- due to dehydration
        • Starts talking to the 'Lord of the Flies'
    • Jack
      • Leader of the hunters
      • Turns more and more wild
    • Roger
      • Brutalizes the littleuns from the very beginning
      • Kills piggy
    • Sam n'eric
      • Twins - often just seen as one
      • Easily scared as we see they turn to Jack's group


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