Lord of the flies characters

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  • Lord of the flies Characters
    • Ralph
      • Strong sense of fair-play, democratic, elected as leader,  
      • Appreciative of Piggy’s friendship.
      • He’s determined “I’m chief. I’ll go. Don’t argue”, brave and honest.
    • Jack
      • From a strict public school, sinister first appearance leading the choir
      • Obsessed with hunting, dictator, rival to Ralph.     
      • Golding uses his relationship with Ralph to represent the conflict between civilization and barbarity on the island.
      • He is a hitler-like figure who abuses his power.
    • Piggy
      •  Overweight, has asthma, wears glasses, lower social class than the others,   
      • Intelligent, thoughtful and  kind to the little ones.
      • We never find out his real name – Golding showing us that people often judge by appearances. 
    • Simon
      • Kind, fair, shy, has fits (probably epileptic), 
      • Realizes that  ‘the beast’ is just fear and evil within human nature,
      •   Intuitive, special relationship with nature (notice how the island responds to him),
      • Christ-like figure – he is trying to bring news to the others as he is persecuted and murdered.
    • Roger
      •  Dark, sinister, throws stones at the little ones
      • He is Jack’s right hand man, at the end of the novel he tortures and murders.   


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