lord of the flies themes

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  • lord of the flies-themes
    • civilisation
      • jack made everyone listen to him
      • the person with the conch could speak
      • piggy made a register with everyones names
      • assembly/ meetings
      • tried to keep everything on order
    • responsiblity
      • they each have jobs to keep in order
      • jack and the hunters had to hunt / provide food
      • ralphs job was to build huts / shelter
      • piggy had to maintain order
      • ralph , jack and the hunters took turns to watch the fire
      • Ralphs job was also to find a a route to safetly at first but forgot about that after a while
    • savagery
      • jack turns savage first.
      • mankinds essential illness
      • all the boys turn savage towards the end
      • push Piggy to death- get a boulder on his head falls off the cliff
    • war
      • -- parents at war at home
      • jack leads the choir boys as soldiers e.g. uniforms
      • chaos on the island as well as at home
      • Golding witnessed horrors of war as a naval officer in WW2
    • innocence/ loss of
      • all boys lose their innocence toward the end of the story.
      • at the beginning of the story all boys were innocent.
      • end up murdering simon without hesitation
      • symbolism of the conch fading as innocence did


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