Lord of the Flies Character Profiles

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  • Lord of the Flies
    • Other
      • Island
        • Uninhabited by humans
        • Has a "scar" from where the plane had crash landed.
      • Sow (Lord of the Flies)
        • Simon believes that the Sow's head can talk
        • Foreshadows Piggy's death
      • Other boys
        • Sam and Eric
          • Are considered one of the bigguns
          • At the end, they fall for Jack's manipulation and are then tortured by Roger.
          • Easily excitable
          • The twins are always together
            • Treated as one person, "Samneric"
        • Littleuns
          • They want to play and have fun
          • Boy with the mulberry birthmark
            • Is the first known death in the novel.
            • Dies in an out of control fire.
    • Piggy
      • His death is foreshadowed by the death of the Sow.
      • Description
        • Becomes Ralph's Lieutenant
        • Is intelligent and most of the good ideas come from him
    • Roger
      • Character Developement
        • Roger then dramatically changes to the point of eventually pushing the rock that finally kills Piggy
        • At the start he is throwing rocks at littuns but aims to miss as his arm was conditioned by society.
      • Becomes Jacks Lieutenant
      • Brutalises the littleuns
      • Sadistic, cruel, older boy
    • Jack
      • Description
        • Antagonist
        • Has an explosive temper
        • Is referred to as Merridew in the first chapter
        • Is in charge of the choir
      • Jack was angry that he was not voted Chief and believes he is in charge of the choir.
        • Ralph then makes Jack the leader of the Hunters
    • Ralph
      • Ralph was voted to be the Chief by the others which then angers Jack initally
        • Ralph then makes Jack the leader of the Hunters to calm him down and to give him a role of responsibility.
      • Description
        • Twelve-Year-Old English boy
        • Protagonist
        • Athletic, attractive and fair
        • The other characters seem to easily like Ralph
        • Represents order, civilisaton and productive leadership
    • Simon
      • Death
        • Simon's death is brutal and violent as he was essentially beaten to death by his friends
        • Simon is the first to realise that there is no beast and tries to warm the others but instead "staggers" to them in an animalistic way
          • He is then thought to be the beast and is then murdered by the other boys including Ralph and Piggy.
      • Simon acts morally, not out of guilt or shame, but because he believes in the inherent value of morality.
      • Description
        • Sensitive
        • Connected to nature and is known for being spiritual and omniscient.
          • Is the only naturally good character
        • Is epileptic
        • Is kind to the littleuns


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