Both Families

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      • Beginning of the play
      • Attitude towards
        • Romeo
          • She loves hi to the point she died because of how sad she was about Romeo's banishment
            • "My wife died last night, heartbroken at my son's exile"
      • Attitude towards
        • Romeo
          • He loves Romeo a lot
            • When he was banished, he says, "Not Romeo, Prince. He only did what the law would have done"
        • Lady Montague
          • Doesn't listen to her
      • At the end of the play
        • Lord Montague is having a statue of Juliet made of solid gold
      • Attitude towards
        • Juliet
          • They aren't close as mother and daughter supposed to be
            • Juliet says, "Madam, I'm here, whats your will?"
        • Nurse
          • She always orders her to call Juliet
        • Lord Capulet
          • She knows everyone has to obey him so she tells on Juliet when she didn't want to get married.
            • "Here's your father now. Tell him so yourself, and see how he takes it"
      • At the beginning of the play
        • When he heard noises in the street he wanted to fight
          • "Give me my sword, there"
        • He didn't want Paris to marry Juliet because she was too young
          • "My child is immature. She isn't yet fourteen. Lets think of marriage in a couple of years"
      • After Tybalt's death
        • Lord Capulet wanted Paris to get married to Juliet
      • Attitude towards
        • Juliet
          • He is very aggressive with her if she doesn't obey or disagree with him
            • When she didn't want to get married to Paris
              • "Go with Paris to Saint Peter's Church, or I'll drag you there on a sled"
              • "You sick looking object! Get away with you, you minx, you coward"
              • "My fingers itch"
        • Nurse
          • When she was standing up for Juliet he yelled at her
            • "Shut up, you mumbling fool"
            • "Hold your tongue, Big mouth!"
      • At the end of the play
        • Lord Capulet is also having a gold statue of Romeo
  • At the end of the play
    • Lord Capulet is also having a gold statue of Romeo


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