Factors contributing to longer life expectancy

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  • Longer life expectancy
    • healthcare, treatment and prevention
      • NHS introduced in 1948
      • accident and emergency departments provide immediate help
      • vaccination against serious diseased has led to the disappearance of polio (for example)
    • hygiene, sanitation and safety
      • provision of universal education (school leaving age raised to 15 in 1947) raised public awareness of how diseases are transmitted
      • UK and EU health and safety laws regulate all hazardous aspects of people's lives, e.g. car seat-belt use and fire exits
    • nutrition, diet and lifestyle
      • campaigns about risks of food, alcohol or lifestyle by government
      • public ban of smoking in 2007
    • global connections
      • nature of work has changed due to globalisation
        • many dangerous occupations have become automated and most manufacturing and mining jobs have moved overseas
      • medical research


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