Memory Studies for LTM

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  • Long Term memory
    • Duration
      • Bahrick
      • 392 ex high school students. 17-47 years old
      • 1) Free recall of classmates. 2) Name to photo. 3) 50 photos. 4) Name recognition with no cue
      • Within 15 years: 90% names recalled&60% on free recall.  After 48 years: 75% names recalled using recognition tasks, 30% names free recall
      • Long duration, can't access all information, but a cue helped reall this information.
      • High mundane realism.
      • High realiability
      • Lack population validity, can't be generalised to other individulist or collectivist cultures
      • Supporting Studies
        • Shepard
        • Waganaar and Groenweg
    • Capacity
      • Limitless
    • Encoding
      • Baddley
      • Shown four lists of acoustically similar/dissimilar words; semantically similar/dissimilar
      • Recall as many words after 10 minute interval of seeing the words
      • After 10 minutes, PPS recalled the semantically similar words more rather than the other lists
      • Lack ecological validity=lab experiment
      • High realiability.
    • Separate Stores
      • Glanzer and Cunitz
      • Shown list of words quickly and asked to recall
        • Condition 1: Recall words straight after in any order
        • Condition 2: Count back from 30 in 3's then recall words
        • Serial position curve
          • Remembered words at the beginning-Primacy effect.
            • Words were rehearsed so put into LTM
          • Remembered words at the end-recency effect.
            • Words rehearsed for a little bit and stored in STM
        • Lack ecological validity
        • High realability
      • Case Study
        • HM had a operation where hippocampus              and        temporary lobe was removed causing him to not make new memories
          • Damage to LTM so he was unable to move information from his STM to LTM so cannot retain information


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