Long Term Memory (MSM)

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  • Long Term Memory
    • Duration
      • Up to a lifetime
    • Coding
      • Semantic
    • Capacity
      • Unlimited
  • Case Studies
    • There is no study for capacity as it is hard to test it
    • Bahrick (1975) Yearbook
      • It was found that there was 90% accuracy in face and name recognition when tested within 15 years
      • A field experiment was conducted in which 392 Americans aged between 17 and 74 were asked to take part in different tests
      • Free recall test
        • Participants were asked to recall as many names as they could from their graduate class
      • Photo recognition test
        • Participants were asked to identify former classmates by using 50 photos without being given a list of names
          • Only some of the photos consisted of people from the class
      • Name recognition test
      • Name and photo-matching test
      • The responses of the participants were compared with their yearbooks that had all the names and photos
      • It was also found that accuracy declined to 80% for name recongition and 40% for face recognition after 48 years
      • There ws 60% accuracy after 15 years an only 30% after 48 years for free recall
      • Uses meaningful stimuli to test subjects and they tested peoples memories from their own lives
      • It is unclear whether the drop in accuracy is due to limitations of duration or general decline with memory
    • Baddeley (1966) Word Lists
      • Participants were shown a list of 20 words and asked to immediately recall what they were
        • The words were from catagories that were acoustically similar and acoustically dissimilar as well as semantically similar and semantically dissimilar
          • They had to recall the words again after 20 minutes
      • The research was scientific
      • It was found that words that were semantically similar were harder to recall
      • It was concluded that the LTM relies on semantic coding
      • The LTM can also use other forms of coding


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