Long Distance || first stanza

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  • Long Distance ||: Stanza 1
    • Long Distance
      • far journey, physical or emotional separation
    • ||
      • 2nd attempt, 1st failed?, 2nd poem, more emotion?
    • mother
      • detached, lack of relationship
        • since death?, too painful, separation from pain? coping mechanism?
    • two years dead
      • lack of emotion, straightforward, open
        • accepted/ too painful to describe in detail
    • dad
      • closer, less formal
        • due to 'mother's death?
    • slippers warming by the gas, put hot water bottles her side of the bed and still went to renew her transport pass
      • list: passing of time, keeping occupied to avoid grief, pretending she's still there: denial
        • sympathy for 'dad'
      • 'gas', 'hot water bottle': heat imagery; trying to warm himself from cold and numb caused by grief : common descriptions of emotion
      • 'transport pass'
        • travel imagery; hoping she'll return, doing everything he can to help, denial/ helping her in journey after life
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