Of Mice and Men - Literature Exam Loneliness Theme

Mind map of the theme of loneliness and characters affected by it in Of Mice and Men.

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  • Loneliness and isolation
    • Curley's wife
      • Only female on male-dominated ranch. Patriarchal society.
      • Temptress through appearance - "full, rouged lips", "body thrown forward" so workers stay away to avoid trouble with Curley
        • Dangerous to befriend - "leave her be" George to Lennie
      • Friendless and remote due to lack of name - merely a possession of Curley
      • "lookin' for Curley" - looking for company
      • Isolated - Curley goes to cathouse despite being married
      • "Think I don't like to talk to somebody ever' once in a while?"
      • Calls ranch workers a "bunch of bindle stiffs" because they will not talk with her.
      • Encounter with Lennie - "I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely"
      • Unattainable dream - reality is living on a lonely ranch with no company.
    • Candy
      • Shows a lack of provision for the elderly and the disabled during 1930's America
      • His only true companion is his "ancient" dog - "ain't got no family or nothin'"
        • "I'm so used to him" , "I had 'im since he was a pup"
        • Other ranch workers don't recognise Candy's affection for dog - never felt friendship themselves
      • Aware of lonely existence ahead of him - "canned"
      • Happy to be part of G&L's plan - "we gonna do it...me & L & G"
      • Blames CW death for loneliness - "I coulda hoed the garden" - will be lonely again on ranch
    • Crooks
      • Lonely due to racial prejudice during 1930's America. Segregated from others.
      • Keeps many books in his possession to compensate for lack of company
        • "books ain't no good" for curing loneliness
      • Stuck on farm due to his disability (crooked back)
      • Called by his disability by other ranch workers indicates no friendly relations
      • Bitter about loneliness - "I ain't wanted in the bunkhouse, you ain't wanted in my room"
      • Reveals loneliness whilst talking to Lennie - "a guy needs somebody to be near him"
        • "a guy gets too lonely and he gets sick"
    • Ranch workers in general
      • Town called "Soledad" which means loneliness in Spanish
      • Most ranch workers were self-preserving and travelled alone.
      • Men never go beyond "cathouse" or "into town" - remote town
      • Itinerant existence - no family, pay for temporary company of women


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