Loneliness and dreams in Of Mice and Men

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  • Loneliness and Dreams
    • Lennie
      • Not fearful of lonliness
      • Becomes angry when Crooks suggests that George wont come back to him
      • Him and George share the dream of owning their land
      • Dreams of tending to his own rabbits
    • George
      • One of the only characters who's not lonely- he has Lennie
      • Shares a dream with Lennie to own some land and live in freedom
    • Curley's Wife
      • Only female on the ranch
      • Married to a man she doesn't love+ he doesn't love her
      • Dreams of being a moviestar
      • Tries using her femininity to befriend the ranchmen
    • Candy
      • Has nothing left when they shoot his dog
      • Dreaded losing his only true companion
      • Joins George and Lennies plan of owning their own land
    • Crooks
      • Lives in enforced solitude, away from the other men
      • Only black man around
      • Dreams of being seen as equal
      • V knowledgeable of his rights
  • "Whats the matter with me? Ain't i got a right to talk to nobody?"
  • "I get lonely"
  • "You can talk to people but i can't talk to nobody but Curley"
  • "I coulda made something of myself"
  • "I ain't wanted in the bunkhouse and yo ain't wanted in my room"
  • "Long as you won't get out and leave me alone, you might as well set down"
  • "I seen hundreds of men come by on the road an' on the ranches, with their bindles on their back an' that same damn thing in their heads"
  • "...If you...guys would want  hand to work for nothing-just his keep, why 'd come an' lend a hand."
    • "I didn' mean it. Jus' foolin'. I wouldn' want to go no place like that"
  • "I wish somebody would shoot e when i become useless"
  • "I ain't got no relatives or nothing"
  • "S'pose i went in with you guys."
  • "If you don' want me i can go off in the hills an' find a cave. I can go away any time"
  • "It ain't so funny, him an' me goin' aroun' together"


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