Theme of loneliness and isolation

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  • loneliness and isolation
    • Curley's wife
      • looks for attention
      • the way other people treat her
        • discriminated and isolated as no-one wants her on ranch
      • Irony and symbolism
      • Shows her innocent side causing her death
        • Audience feel guilty for judging her like everyone else did
    • George and Lennie
      • When apart, Lennie feels lost
        • Relies on George
          • Threatened by Crooks
            • Feels helpless without him
      • Lennie is comforted by animals
        • Therefore he feels a sense of security when George isn't around
      • Lennie is the complete oposite to George
        • Key to their relationship
          • Lennie is dangerous without george
      • George may feel that without lennie, he has nothing to live for as the dream will be lost
        • ironic
          • When Lennie dies- so does the dream
    • Candy and his dog
      • Candy lonely without his dog
        • worried about losing his companion
      • "He ain't no good to you"
        • Similar to how Lennie could be no good to George
      • reflects how George killed Lennie himself as Candy wished he killed his dog instead of Carlson


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