Was Blanche Doomed From The Beginning? #1

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  • Loneliness
    • Stella
      • On many occasions, Stella has proven to Blanche that she will always choose Stanley over her sister.
        • However, Stella's actions are somewhat justified seeing as he is having a baby with Stanley; if she were to leave him she old be left like Blanche: alone, lost and poor.
        • Stella is a neutral role between the conflict of Blanche and Stanley, reflecting the audience also.
        • Although Stella herself doesn't fully embody the New America herself, she definitely presents the changing mentality, as she states that Stanley's animalistic behaviour gives her "a thrill", whereas Blanche is horrified.
    • Allan
      • Blanche has been romantically lonely ever since Allan's death. Although she had been sexually involved with many suitors in The Hotel Flamingo, she has never been romantically invested in anyone.
        • Mitch was Blanche's last chance of security and love, but Stanley cruelly ruined any hope of that happening for Blanche.
          • However, it could be argued that rather having sympathy for Blanche, the audience should show sympathy towards Mitch. Blanche is only showing interest in Mitch for her own well-being. She relies heavily on the protection and security of men, not for their love.
            • Blanche's hamartia is her heavy dependence on men
    • Old South/America
      • An alternate reason as to why Blanche feels she is so lonely could be due to the separation of the South of America. After the American Civil War, the South of America formed a confederacy in which they wanted to be seen as separate form the North of America, isolating themselves.
        • Therefore, as Blanche represents the Old South, it can be argued that she was destined to be left behind, just like the ideologies of the Old South after the Civil War.


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