Lone parent/ Single mothers

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  • Lone parent/Single mothers
    • Definitions
      • Single parent: a person bringing up a child or children without a partner
      • Single mother: a person who has a dependent child or dependent children and who is widowed, divorced, or unmarried.
    • Trends/ patterns/ Key Features
      • mainly female headed
      • a child living with a lone parent is more than twice as likely to be in poverty thank a child living with two parents
      • over 90% of these families are headed by lone mothers
      • Higher in Validity than reliability
      • 2/4/2011
      • Media data - secondary - adapted from something else
    • Nature of information presented
      • Quantitative
      • Secondary research
        • Media source: Daily Mail
    • Reason for trends
      • Increase in Divorce
      • Increase in the number of never married women having children.
      • Decline in stigma against births outside of marriage
      • Death of one parent
      • Women are by nature suited to an expressive role
    • Support that could be offered
      • Government provide Things such as ...
        • Surestard: UK
        • Headstart: US
        • Child benefits
    • Potential research methods
      • Interviews
        • feel more comfortable talk to someone face to face: Increase Valudity
      • Questionnaire
        • Remain annonymous
    • Advantage
      • Income support
    • Disadvantage
      • Evidence shows children of lone mothers are less likely to do weell at school and are more likely to suffer poor helth and fall into crime or early pregnancy as adults


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