lone-parent families

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  • Lone parent households
    • Statistics and Facts
      • 22% of families in the UK are lone parent households
      • 90% of lone parent households are headed by a woman
      • Children in lone parents households are twice as likely to experience poverty than children with two parents
    • Research in focus
      • A study by the charity 'gingerbread'- suggests that 67% of lone parent families struggle constantly with their finances
      • 56% reported that they cannot get work at all and others are unable to work the hours needed to meet their living costs
      • The survey of 2486 lone mothers and fathers found that 75% had been hit by welfare cuts and 39% were in low paid jobs
      • The average employment income for single-parent households was £110 per week, compared with £390 for all UK households (2011-2012)
    • Theorists
      • New Right
        • Argue that children need a mother and a father
      • Feminists
        • one happy parent is by far more preferable to than two parents who are unhappy or dysfunctional
    • Difficult to operationalise or measure the numbers single-parent families
      • Increase in number of co-parenting after divorce - this means that the parents still take joint responsibility for their children despite not being together as a couple


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