Case Study of Newham

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  • London Borough of Newham
    • Location
      • 5 miles east of city of London
      • North bank of River Thames
      • The borough contains Stratford and Canning Town
    • Level of Deprivation
      • Second most deprived area in England
      • Unemployment Rate in Canning Town south is 6.7%, the average in England is 3.4%
      • Percentage of people who have no qualifications are 33.6%
      • In Canning Town 74.6% of the people living there rent their property
    • History of Area
      • Was very cultural area, meaning it was main source of income
      • Thousands of people moved in to take up the jobs that were created
      • Within a generation industries declined, bring unemployment on a large scale
      • During the war heavy bombing bought devastation to the south of borough
      • New council houses were built to replace the houses that had been bombed
    • Regeneration of Area
      • Olympic Park contains Olympic stadium, aquatics centre, hockey centre and velopark
      • Olympic Village will become home to people of Stratford.
      • New Plants will be planted
      • Buildings will be left for schools or public use, moved or recycled and re-used
    • Jobs and Transport
      • Westfield Stratford City provides over 1000 new jobs
      • 600 Commercial and 500 Leisure Jobs
      • 2500 jobs created by redevelopment
      • Channel Tunnel Rail Link and Stratford International Station
      • Crossrail


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