London in the 19th century period

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  • London in the 19th century period
    • Popular for use in fiction
      • Charles Dickens
      • Sherlock Holmes
    • Both rich and poor people
      • Stevenson draws on the extremes of both rich and poor neighbourhoods
        • Lanyon and Jekyll being rich
        • Hyde being poor
    • A fog came about often
      • It was likely that you couldn't see anything
      • Stevenson uses the fog to create tension and mystery throughout the novel
        • In 'the Carew murder case' Soho is over taken by fog
          • "the fog lifted a little"
            • Stevenson uses this to show that Utterson is prepared to gain some understanding of what's happening
            • The use of the word 'little' represents the fact that only a small amount of knowledge is going to be an outcome of this trip
            • The verb 'lifted' is used to bring the idea of hope
              • Utterson is in desperate need of hope since learning about Hyde
      • It could seep into the buildings sometimes
      • This was often caused by coal fires in the city
    • There was a population boom
      • From 1mil to 7mil in 100 years
      • This was because of the industrialisation in London
        • It lead to rural to urban migration
    • Upper class people didn't like the lower classes
      • The rich people created a new part of the city in which they could live without meeting the poor
        • There are no lower class main characters in Jekyll and Hyde except possibly Hyde
          • Since Hyde lives in a run down part of town
      • The poorer population would have stories written about them
        • Shilling-shockers
          • Jekyll and Hyde is based around the upper classes instead
            • The fact that Jekyll, an upper class gentleman, was the one participating in these acts would've been frightening
              • The use of Hyde eventually winning over would've scared the upper classes into thinking that they wouldn't win their own battles
            • Many saw the story as a morality struggle between good and evil
              • They thought it was a telling off what would happen if you give into your dark side
        • The upper classes would read these for entertainment


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