london form and structure

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  • London - Form and Structure
    • Structure
      • Written in first person. this creates an immediacy effect. also makes it seem like a real experience
      • The enjambment "I hear how the youthful harlot's curse" shows the everlasting tears of the people
      • Blake uses a lot of repetition which could imply the cycle of poverty and that there is no escape for the lower social classes.
      • Written In present tense which creates immediacy effect
      • No use of caesura shows that there would be no pause in the path to poor which shows that the poor would always be controlled
    • Form
      • Regular alternate rhyme scheme of ABAB which shows that the lives of the poor will never change.
        • This may reflect the regular walking pace of the narrator as he walks around London.
        • emphasises the unrelenting suffering and a lack of change in the city
      • Dramatic monologue
      • 4 lines in each stanza- quatrains- shows that nothing changes


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